About Xieng Mieng

Every culture has its trickster in their folklore and legends. In Southeast Asia, and particularly Laos, one of the oldest and most popular stories are connected to Xieng Mieng.

There are several commonly told stories connected to Xieng Mieng, including his origin story. In no particular order, these include:

  • Xieng Mieng tricks the merchants
  • Xieng Mieng outwits the king at the river
    (similar to Xieng Mieng tricks the king who wanted to be tricked.)
  • Xieng Mieng and the snail
  • Xieng Mieng sees the king’s face
  • Xieng Mieng follows the king precisely
  • Xieng Mieng and the king who loved stories.
  • Xieng Mieng and the king’s cat.
  • Xieng Mieng gets too fat
  • Xieng Mieng and the bamboo tube
  • Xieng Mieng outwits the cloth merchant
  • Xieng Mieng and the amazing bird
  • Xieng Mieng and the king who lost his appetite
  • Xieng Mieng and the drawing competition
  • Xieng Mieng’s last trick
  • The novice, the abbot and the chicken.
  • The abbot and the novice carry salt.

Excerpt from http://thaoworra.blogspot.com/2011/09/lao-folklore-xieng-mieng-tricksters.html